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Discovery Stage

“To avail oneself of or draw useful or valuable material from.” ( This is where we dig deep. We learn everything about your business and environment. Discovering what makes your business stand out from others will help us focus on creating a content, design, and technology strategy specifically for you. Here we develop the basics such as a CMS platform, Code, Brand Image, Personas, Messaging, Typography, Logos, etc.



Design Stage

“To obtain or refine (metal) in this way.” ( Once we’ve learned everything we can, we have to figure out what truly works. We separate the refined ore from the scrap metal and polish it until it shines. Here is where we start to put the idea together and use our special ‘refining agent’ to polish off the design of the basic elements. This will include more in-depth design items such as wireframes, color pallets, psd design, animation video, digital strategy etc.

ba-op-morphing-phone_mining ba-op-morphing-tablet_mining ba-op-morphing-desktop_mining


The Coding & Optimization Stage

“To form or make, especially by concentrated effort.” ( We beat the designs into shape and mold them to be the best they can be. At this stage, much of the forging of the product comes through coding and refining the details. We will also continuously work to improve the strength of our designs to boost website conversions and sales.

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Recent Work See All Work

  • MPB

    My Personal Best is a technology based start up from Chicago, Il. MPB uses proprietary algorithms and aggregated data to allow athletes on the professional and amateur level to achieve the maximum personal records.

  • Bigpanda

    Blacksmith was worked with Bigpanda to create a responsive website with Content Management System

  • VivaInk

    Blacksmith was contracted by VivaInk Inc. to help create a stunning web design for the 2014 Google I/O Conference. Initial requirements were to collaborate with Google to ensure a secure & aesthetically pleasing site was created.

  • Stevie D

    Assisted Stevie D, a fashionable clothing and accessory store with website design and Magento shopping cart development.

    Stevie D
  • General Electric

    Blacksmith had the honor and privilege to work alongside Small Army and General Electric to create an online calculator that illustrated how oil and power companies might be able to save more resources and make smarter decisions with GE’s technology.

    General Electric

Satisfied Clients

  • Dave & his team at Blacksmith Agency were incredible partners at a critical time for our company. Day in & day out, they were there for us every step of the way delivering results for us & our high profile corporate partner. Our product launch went off without a hitch, in no small part because of Blacksmith’s...
    Brandon Barbello
    Vivalnk Inc | Google IO
  • I'd be happy to give you guys a positive reference. I think you've done great work.
    Rob Hardy
    Rob Hardy -
  • I highly recommend Blacksmith for your website needs! Their team was very efficient and listened carefully to my goals to express my business in a way that represented me. They were professional and responded to all questions and concerns immediately. Blacksmith’s experience and knowledge in the tech world is very apparent through their work. Many thanks!
    Amy Kaylor
    Amy Kaylor | Kaylor Productions


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