As mobile devices and tablet PCs continue to increase in number it will become more important for a successful company to be able to reach those users. If a corporate website won’t run smoothly on a wide range of devices they will lose market penetration and customers. HTML5 & CSS3 work in tandem to deliver robust, dynamic content to a wide range of devices regardless of screen size, operating system, or input method. Any business that leverages these technologies will be prepared for the continuing surge of mobile devices, they will be prepared for the future.

HTML5 & CSS3 provide features that have been sorely missed for nearly a decade of web programming. HTML5 supports native video playback, for instance, which eliminates the need for buggy players that work on some phone but not others. CSS3 addresses problem with website formatting. In the professional hands of Blacksmith no business will have a website with a layout that is incorrect on smaller screens, or stretched out on the desktop. They features that a company pays for will be delivered, expertly, across all platforms and resolutions.

The truth is that there is no need to sell any business on HTML5 & CSS3 for their web development. Both technologies are the next step in providing the mobile web to the world, and both are already replacing their previous versions as the standard way to build a professional website all over the world. The choice that a business needs to make is who will implement their website in HTML5 & CSS3 and that is where Blacksmith comes in. The talented technicians and engineers at Blacksmith understand these new technologies better than anyone. Their decades of combined experience can’t be ignored when it comes to bringing your web presence up to date. Contact Blacksmith today by sending an email to [email protected] or visiting their website and put your web presence in professional hands.