7 Reasons Magento is a Great Ecommerce Solution


Our Top 7 Reasons:
– Magento is Open Source
– Community Support
– Highly Scalable
– Flexible
– SEO Friendly
– Easy Integrations
– Customizable

Overview: Magento is a CMS or content management system that is typically used as an ecommerce solution. Many small, medium, and large sized companies and organizations use this platform in order to sell their products or services. Magento allows for the organization of categories, products, vendors, customers, and pricing to best suite both the end user and the company.

Magento is Open Source
Open source is simply a techy term that means you can view, edit, and manipulate the frameworks code to fit your desires and needs. Many ecommerce platforms will not allow you to change the code with can lead to more frustration or inability for your website to function that you would like.

Community Support
What do you do when you run into issues? Well many people typically turn to Google for most of their answers. However, when you using Magento, it is nice to have a community right by your side if you ever need to ask a question about how the ecommerce platform works, functions, or if you ever need general guidance. Also, Blacksmith has a full team of Magento Experts if you need help finding a solution.

Highly Scalable
In a perfect world everyone’s business grows. Many businesses look for solutions that not only fit their need right now but will also scale and grow alongside of their company in the future as well. The great thing about Magento is that it is a scalable solution. It does not matter if you are a mom and pop bakery or a fortune 500 ecommerce giant. Magento is scalable and can handle any website need.

Want to display your product images? Need to have 3rd party merchant services integrated? Magento is flexible in nature and allows for great flexibility not only for your business but also in regards to functionality. Magento services many different merchant processors, third part tools and plugins, as well as commercial grade software as a service provider.

SEO Friendly
Search Engine friendliness can never be underestimated. When selecting an ecommerce solution, it is important to have easiest possible ability to scale your meta descriptions, h1 tags, urls, and image alt tags to perform best for the search engines. Magento offers that ability along with a long list of plugins that can aid in that ability even further.

Easy Integrations
Many small business to large corporations use other 3rd part tools such as QuickBooks, salesforce, automated marketing, etc. With Magento the open source software allows you to easily build and connect api to perform even the most complicated workflows and transactions.

Functionality is important, but can you get the look and feel that converts your traffic/users as well? The great thing about our Magento Developers here at Blacksmith is that we can customize any Magento store to suite our clients needs. We can incorporate sleek modern designs or come up with a unique WebGL effect that will take your business to the next level.


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