Mobile Website Design

With the explosion in numbers of mobile devices it’s no longer possible for a business to ignore the mobile web and be successful. Your potential customers are using their phones to access the internet more and more frequently, and unless a company is delivering custom mobile websites they are losing business.

Standard websites don’t load or format properly on the majority of smartphones and tablets. Standard web development tools that your previous web designers used, like Flash and JavaScript, often don’t function properly on mobile platforms. Stop frustrating your customers with a broken website and let the engineers at Blacksmith design a mobile website for you immediately.

Transitioning your site to the mobile web is about a lot more than making it smaller and more compact. The variation in operating systems, browsers, and models of devices makes designing for the mobile web an extraordinary challenge. Designing and debugging for this wide range of devices and their unique capabilities is enough to make any ordinary developer’s head spin. Don’t hire an ordinary developer to handle your extraordinary project, get the seasoned professionals at Blacksmith on your team and meet your challenges head-on.

The convenience and flexibility that a mobile presence offers your business is apparent to all of the largest online retailers, social media sites, banks, and corporations. Small business may think that having a mobile website is out of reach, but that’s no longer true. With Blacksmith , you can join the ranks of these successful businesses and offer your customers and visitors the access-anywhere accessibility that they want and need.

Talk to a consultant about your needs and let Blacksmith design a mobile web presence that will blow you – andyour competition — away. Contact Blacksmith today by sending an email to [email protected] or visiting their website and put your mobile web presence in professional hands.