Senior Lead Designer

Blacksmith is a boutique digital design agency based out of Phoenix, AZ. We pride ourselves on our polished work that shines above any and all competition.

What Makes a Good Match

  • You’re a generalist who can do it all. We look for talented individuals regardless of title, and a proficiency in UI, UX, and website design is a huge strength.
  • You have experience shipping beautiful websites and know what it takes to get something from idea to reality. You can handle input, ideas, and feedback from lots of different teams and deliver designs that achieve objectives for everyone.
  • You have experience creating or evolving powerful brand narratives.
  • You can articulate the latest design trends and you know what is coming next.
  • You have excellent attention for detail; it borders on obsession. You have a portfolio you’re proud of, and you care about small details like alignment down to the very pixel.
  • You believe in thoughtful feedback. Designs rarely emerge fully formed. For high quality design, we rely on the process of iteration and constantly pushing each other to do their best work through meaningful and positive feedback.
  • You take complicated processes and flows and distill them into simple and beautiful experiences.
  • You’ve worked on multiple platforms and know why something that works for mobile wouldn’t work well on a laptop, and the nuances of Android versus iOS design patterns.
  • You have an ability to create stunning interfaces and have excellent attention for detail; it borders on obsession. You have a portfolio you’re proud of, and you care about small details like alignment down to the very pixel and micro-interactions.
  • You check your ego at the door.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Website, UI/UX design for our SMB clients
  • Work through design problems from beginning to end: taking research and insights into ideas that form disruptive new websites and features, then designing the workflows and detailed interactions to realize them.
  • Managing and scaling the design team through multiple phases of growth. Building a world-class design team by hiring the best, managing performance, and mentoring your team.
  • Providing feedback to the design team, and receiving feedback on your own work.
  • Working with leaders of other functions (e.g. Marketing, C-Suite, IT) to ensure that teams are collaborating effectively.
  • Ensuring teams are delivering high-quality design work that delivers on our client’s business strategy and mission.

Bonus Stuff

  • Motion design experience
  • Prototyping experience
  • Knowledge of basic HTML/CSS/JS experience

BSA Perks

  • Competitive Pay
  • 100% Remote – Work from home
  • Full healthcare, dental, vision benefits
  • Flexible vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it.
  • A bunch of polished people at BSA aiming to attract and retain diverse people in our team.

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