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The Challenge

Blacksmith had the honor and privilege to work alongside Small Army and General Electric to create an online calculator that illustrated how oil and power companies might be able to save more resources and make smarter decisions with GE’s technology.


Project Overview

GE works with large organizations and all types of businesses around the world. Therefore, we were humbled to be part of the process in developing an online calculator that helps oil and power companies see how to make smarter business decisions with GE’s technology. Our work helps turn large amounts of data and analytics into reports, charts, and tables to help executives make intelligent business decisions. We pride ourselves on building beautiful digital user experiences and reporting tools that can benefit a company and help decision-makers stay updated on their business. We’re thankful to have been asked to contribute to such an important project.

Helping improve the Oil & Gas Industry through data-driven solutions. Our custom-built calculator now helps many Oil & Gas companies that utilize GE’s technology. These companies can now make improved business decisions and optimize their performance.


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