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The Challenge

Collaborate with Google and VivaLnk to ensure the creation of a secure and aesthetically pleasing website and package design. Blacksmith was initially contracted by VivaInk Inc. to help create a stunning web design for the 2014 Google I/O Conference.


Project Overview

VivaLnk is a Silicon Valley health technology startup. Google Digital Tattoos was its first customer and we assisted with the VivaLnk website creation. The company develops truly wearable, adhesive health technology that can monitor sleep status, temperature, heart rate, and many other things. Needless to say, with such groundbreaking technology and large clients in tow, we needed to help develop great packaging and website design that effectively showcased the technology.

One tap of the Digital Tattoo and your phone is unlocked. No finger swipes, no pin codes. This adhesive wearable technology has limitless potential and its ease of integration has already gained lots of traction in the industry. The Digital Tattoo technology is on the forefront of wearable health tech that will revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Blacksmith is very proud to have collaborated with such a wonderful, innovative project. Send us a note if you want to chat about something you’re working on!


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